Take Action SA is a social initiative that allows all South Africans to easily log problems and issues related to security, infrastructure and maintenance.

Why use TakeAction

We all want to make a difference. It is human nature. We all love our country, our city, town and neighbourhood and want to make it a better place – for our friends, our family, fellow citizens and visitors.

Sometimes it is difficult to take action if you encounter something that is wrong, broken or dangerous. Nobody wants to phone a call centre or drive to a municipal office or police station. We are all busy and have a million things to worry about.

As a result the reported crime rate is low; many things remain broken and left for another day.

What is TakeAction

Take Action SA is a social initiative that allow all South Africans to easily log problems and issues related to security, infrastructure and maintenance such as crime, traffic violations, potholes, broken traffic lights and leaking water pipes.

Log problems using your smart phone and attach a photo.We will tag the incident with the GPS location of the incident. We will route the incident to the relevant service provider depending on the incident type and GPS location. If no service provider is available in the specific area we will inform you of such but still keep a record on the incident.

How it works

Download and start the app, log an incident using the app or find out how to start the national SMS number to sms incidents:

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The Take Action SA application is developed and provided by Solution House Software and is based on our Incident Desk application (http://incidentmanagement.co.za). Incident Desk is a universal business management application and used by many companies for security, maintenance, health and safety, IT and logistics management.

Solution House Software is based in the Western Cape, South Africa and part of the Silicon Cape Initiative.

Good question.

The application is based in the Incident Desk platform developed by Solution House Software. The solution is provided on a Software-as-a-Service (monthly usage) basis to our loyal and valued customers. A portion of the revenue from Incident Desk is used for the further development of Take Action.

Additional income is always required to expand the solution and fund the support structures and infrastructure such as servers, data backup, bandwidth usage and support staff.


Additional revenue will be generated in the following ways

In-app ads: For the free app, in-app advertisements will be displayed. We aim to make the ads as unobtrusive as possible.

Freemium (Free and premium versions)

The power of the application is that it is free for both the user and the service provider (service providers receive one login free of charge). Without this approach the initiative will not work. Some users and service providers want to do and see more and are happy to pay a monthly fee for the functionality. For these users a premium version is available to download and use. Service providers who require additional logins can purchase them on a month-by-month basis and cancel at any time. Nothing in the free versions will prohibit the free flow of information, logging of incidents by users and resolution of calls by service providers.

Email: info@takeactionsa.co.za

Tel: 021 000000



Potential sponsors can please contact us via the contact page.

The Take Action app