Take Action SA is a social initiative that allows all South Africans to easily log problems and issues related to security, infrastructure and maintenance.

Where can I log incidents and who will follow up on them?

By on Jan 8, 2014 in |

Members of public can start logging incidents as soon as they have downloaded the Take Action Application. To ensure that logged incidents get attented to, make sure that a service provider is available in the relevant area. The application will notify you if a service provider is available in you area. If not, your incident will be logged but not reacted on. You can also verify this here: Areas under Management.
You will also be able to log incidents when you travel from one area to another as long as the destination area has a service provider connected to it.
*Please note that Service Providers will be responsible for responding or reacting to logged incidents. Take Action wil not be responsible for follow ups on logged incidents.